Where Art and Nature Meet


Spring Green and the River Valley area are special. Somehow this land escaped the last great Ice Age, as well as the one before that. What you see here, and nowhere else in the Upper Midwest, is a landscape sculpted at least a half million years earlier than anything else around it. The results are breathtaking: rolling hills and bluffs that overlook the Wisconsin River Valley, and a setting infused with ageless beauty.

Spring Green was founded in 1857 by Welsh, English, Norwegian and German immigrants whose industries were dairy and produce farms, lumbering and cheese production. Today, agriculture remains integral to the area economy and its residents.

Another tradition has grown on this land as well: a dynamic and spirited arts scene. Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin, American Players Theatre and The House on the Rock collectively attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. A host of artists, musicians and craftspeople who live and work in the River Valley add to the experience.

But what makes the River Valley stand out is an infectious sense of community. The residents of this area are dedicated to helping their neighbors and welcoming visitors. We hope you will feel welcome and become part of the River Valley community whether you’re visiting for a day or staying here permanently.