• 2023 Seasonal Openings

    Posted: 01/15/2023

    The House on the Rock Attraction is opening on March 9th for the 2023 season.  We hire for the season's opening and will continue to hire through Spring. We offer a wide variety of opportunities: daytime schedule; guest care or behind-the-scenes options; part-time based on your availability, as well as 40-hours-a-week options, and much more.  We enjoy fun perks and family entertainment in a one-of-as-kind environment!  Opportunities for retirees, students, and everyone in between! 
    Examples of seasonal openings:
        - Admissions Associate
        - Retail (gift shop) Team members
        - Janitorial Maintenance (includes groundwork)
        - Maintenance Level II (includes routine maintenance)
        - Housekeeping (restrooms, carpets, displays, etc.) 

    Equal Opportunity Employer.  Safe, responsible operations.
    Call 608-935-3639 EXT. 1201 to receive an application or print an application at www.thehouseontherock.com.  You may also email information@thehouseontherock.com and request an application.