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    River Valley is a consolidated school district comprised of 12 townships and four villages (Arena, Lone Rock, Plain, and Spring Green) located in four different counties (Sauk, Iowa, Richland, and Dane) and is one of the larger geographic school districts in Wisconsin (264 geographic square miles). The district name was selected because the district boundaries are on both sides of the Wisconsin River Valley. Our district has a rich tradition of providing opportunity for all students to succeed. We take great pride in providing a variety of coursework and programs with varied instructional techniques that tap the needs and interests of our diverse student population. It is the people of our district—students, staff, faculty, Board, administration, parents, and community members—that make River Valley a very special place to learn and grow. Our school-community truly cares about students and, therefore, places high emphasis on academic standards, appropriate student testing and analysis of results, new and creative teacher training programs, technology integration, and a host of co-curricular programs. Please contact any school administrator to discuss our school system or to make recommendations for how we might better serve our students of “The Valley.”