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    Wilson Creek Pottery is simple by design.
    Like your favorite pair of blue jeans, our pieces are tailored to your lifestyle - simple, classic and versatile. Our potter, Ashley Pfannenstiel (fan-in-steel), has considered the way each piece will fit into your life. A mug that warmly cups your hand, bowls that stack easily in your cupboards, the details are what make each piece unique. In use, our pieces highlight your favorite recipes and complement any meal. At rest and on display, our work radiates a quiet, confident beauty. A lover of things that endure to become classics, I hand make quintessential pieces that will stick around. At ease in a country cabin or an urban loft, my well crafted pieces feel like home.


    Potter, Ashley Pfannenstiel at the wheel
    Stemless Wineglasses are our most popular item
    Stackable bowls in a variety of glazes
    Opening up the kiln after a glaze firing
    Dish Sets and Wedding Registries available
    Vase in our Van Gogh glaze
    Our work is dishwasher safe